Gilda Marconi Sancisi is a Italian artist, actress and fashion designer.

Her practice encompasses performance, drawing, installation, text based and costume. 

Gilda Marconi Sancisi researches the CODES that lead from DUALITY to UNITY.

The world is a corollary of sections separate from the whole.

To unite to recreate Divinity on the material plane is my intent.

Every living form is a fractal of Divinity. We are Divine in our every form. I represent the whole in disintegration to bring it back to the One.

Through an ongoing cross-disciplinary research, which has its vey core in drawings and  live performance, the artist proceeds in reflecting on her  professional experiences in fashion, design and cinema.Working on durational performance projects with objects and natural elements (such as light and fire) - either in front of an audience, or in solitary - she tries to pursue the following steps:

-  activate new forms of energy
-  generate physical interactions between material and immaterial worlds
-  examine and test the codes inspiring the connection to the One/Unit

Like in a ritual, each performance has its own specific dress, after they are always presented in installations with other items linked to the performances.


A body of drawings I.C.O.N and LFD- ASTRAL TRAVEL are an investigation into the concept of One / Unity throught the different worlds. The immaterial and immaterial worlds are the same world in two different density.

LFD- ASTRAL TRAVEL "I remember a stellar writing, writing that I use and live in astral travel. By bringing it back into matter, I unite the two worlds." GMS

Through contemplation of the silent, the artist turns her body into a bridge between the ethereal dimension and an earthling dimension, establishing an intuitive listening based on the direct communication between the two worlds.

Currently working in her studio Migdala and in Turin, IT.