Live performances are moments in which the artist trying to establish physical interactions between material and immaterial worlds. Performed in solitary or in front of and audience can trigger new forms of energy and channel the Messages. With durational performances (sometime they last 4-6 hours), the artist gets close to a spiritual dimension, reaching a mental and corporal synergy.

           HEMERA (2015)

live performance art



                     DURATION : 45 MINUTES




Hēmera live performance set at Rimini harbour.


The artist holds in her hands an alluminium reflective disk used to capture the sun’s rays and refract them towards the landscape and the audience.With this gesture her body turns into a filter between the ethereal dimension and an earthling dimension, establishing an intuitive listening based on the direct communication between the two worlds. 


Hemera_performance realizzata sulla palata del porto a Rimini .

L'artista tiene tra le mani un disco riflettente in alluminio utilizzato per catturare i raggi del sole e rifrangerli verso il paesaggio e il pubblico. Con questo gesto il suo corpo si trasforma in un filtro tra la dimensione eterea e una dimensione terrestre, stabilendo un ascolto intuitivo basato su la comunicazione diretta tra i due mondi.



Hēmera.      Performance    Rimini, 15/04/2015