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“Each drawing is a portrait; I draw what my eyes see, the light, the shadows, and the darkness inside people’s soul”.



“My creations might seem similar, repetitive, obsessive, but in each drawing there’s a new mark that changes with the passing of time”.



“In my work I try to make visible the invisible and this research is so personal that it becomes a daily presence in my life; I can express myself through different media, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that everyday I get, even just infinitely, closer to it”.



“Inside each drawing the immaterial fight between light and darkness is shown, the stylized face is the battlefield, in which everything takes place in an eternal present”.



“My drawings are portraits that portray the immaterial part of men, the subtle part. I don’t care about the body, I care about what lives inside it”.



“I want to paint a different plane of existence, depicting what some might want to hide, the purest part”.



“What’s beyond the body that makes us divine?”



I.C.O.N these drawings are my contemporary icons



“In this respect, you can’t talk about a portrait as in the traditional meaning of the word, but of a reading through the eyes that goes beyond the body and appears and it is represented through India ink on the paper or on the fabric”.



“When I’m about to start a portrait the person sits in front of me, suddenly I feel that a part of me stops existing; it’s the judgement that by being set aside allows me to open myself up and to read with the eyes; in this way I can “see”, or better put “feel”.

I don’t receive images, but vibrations, that run across my body. This music, different each time, creates emotions that I then carry on the canvas”.



Inspirations: Yves Klein- Medardo Rosso- Alberto Giacometti- Paolo Gioli- Marina Abramović, for a common vision that leads to an immateriality of the Art



Fall      VIdeo B/N-sound   '12     2016          

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