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Live performances are moments in which the artist explores her sensibility toward everyday little occurrences, trying to establish physical interactions between material and immaterial worlds. Performed in solitary or in front of and audience, these actions usually take place in public spaces, where possible encounter between the One/Unit and the Others can trigger new forms of energy and channel the Messages. With durational performances (sometime they last 4-6 hours), the artist gets close to a spiritual dimension, reaching a mental and corporal synergy and becoming one with the gowns worn, the props and the surroundings. 



#1 ENCOUNTER (SERIES) 2015      Live Performance Art       Si Fest Off          Savignano sul Rubicone            September 2015 


live performance art




International photograph festival SiFestOff Savignano sul Rubicone

REACHING 2016 Gilda Marconi  Sancisi  Live performance art



Per Amore l’amante e l’amato diventano una persona sola.

Through love, the lover abd loved one become a single beign.  .

Tommaso d’Aquino. (N. 55)



There is a weight that each person carries within it, an energy that stops and inevitably change the vital flow. The artist materializes this mobile weight as a bubble of dark water that resonates and reverberates producing conflicting mood.

Gilda takes audiences inside her higher self,converting the place of performance in her primitive center, bringing to the surface the personal emotional struggle, silent and exhausting.

During the performance, alternate static and syncopated moments in a long work of 6 hours in which the artist will try to lead to a breaking point the energy of space.

So she will try to overcome the border of her emotions, with the consequence of a fluid dispersion of the environment of this energy that will become indelible shadow on her white dress.

The performance connects realities not present with autobiographical personal experiences constituting emotional structures of collective character.



Per Amore l’amante e l’amato diventano una persona sola.

Through love, the lover abd loved one become a single beign.  .

Tommaso d’Aquino. (N. 55)



C’è un peso che ogni persona porta al suo interno, un’energia che si ferma al petto e modifica inevitabilmente il flusso vitale. L’artista materializza questo peso mobile come una bolla di acqua scura che risuona e rimbomba producendo stati d’animi contrastanti.


Gilda porta il pubblico all’interno del suo Se trasformando il luogo della performance nel suo centro primitivo, portando in superficie la personale lotta emozionale silenziosa e massacrante .


Durante la performance si alternano momenti statici confortanti a momenti sincopati  in un long work di 6 ore in cui l’artista cercherà di portare a un punto di rottura l’energia dello spazio.

Cercherà così il superamento del confine con le sue emozioni con la conseguenza di una dispersione fluida dell’ambiente di questa energia che diverrà un’ombra indelebile sul suo abito bianco.

La performance collega realtà non presenti con esperienze personali autobiografiche costituendo strutture emozionali di carattere collettivo.

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