#1 ENCOUNTER (SERIES) 2015      Live Performance Art       Si Fest Off          Savignano sul Rubicone            September 2015 

ENCOUNTER_ The encounter, the first contact between people, is the cultural exercise we do every day as soon as we immerse ourselves in society.


Everything starts from the encounter, the exchange of energy ‘0’


The performance is realized with the synthesizer Etherwave Theremin. 

The artist waits the audience for the encounter.

Starting from the concept defined by the discipline of Proxemics, the series #1/2/ENCOUNTER wants to explore the different and various flows of energies; the ones generated thought the relation to the various spaces in which they triggered, to the people we encounter and to time gaps in which the actions evolve.This performance aims to make perceptible the Energy that originates from the Encounter through the Sound.


There is an intangible force; a vital energy is generated from the encounter. Empathy, the feeling of a strong inner connection with the other, the cooperation between the human beings, conceive the 3rd Holy Part. The 3rd part is the essence of the work.

ENCOUNTER_ L' incontro, il primo contatto, l’esercizio culturale che quotidianamente facciamo appena ci immergiamo nella società.


Tutto inizia dall’incontro, lo scambio di energia “0”


La performance è realizzata con il sintetizzatore  Etherwave Theremin

L'artista aspetta il pubblico per incontrarsi


Partendo dal concetto prossemico la serie #1/2 ENCOUNTER vuole esplorare i diversi flussi di energia che ci generano in relazione ai differenti luoghi in cui si innescano, alle persone che vi si incontrano e ai tempi in cui le azioni si sviluppano. Rendendo fruibile attraverso il Suono, l’ Energia che si crea dall’incontro in una dimensione di spazio condiviso.



C’è una forza immateriale, un’energia vitale che si genera dall'Incontro.

L'empatia, la sensazione di un forte collegamento interno con l'altro, generano una III parte Sacra, questa parte è l’essenza dell’opera.

#1/2 ENCOUNTER (SERIES) 2015/7

live performance art





#1 ENCOUNTER (SERIES) 2015      Live Performance Art       Si Fest Off          Savignano sul Rubicone            September 2015 

Live performances are moments in which the artist explores her sensibility toward everyday little occurrences, trying to establish physical interactions between material and immaterial worlds. Performed in solitary or in front of and audience, these actions usually take place in public spaces, where possible encounter between the One/Unit and the Others can trigger new forms of energy and channel the Messages. With durational performances (sometime they last 4-6 hours), the artist gets close to a spiritual dimension, reaching a mental and corporal synergy and becoming one with the gowns worn, the props and the surroundings. 

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