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Live performances are moments in which the artist explores her sensibility toward everyday little occurrences, trying to establish physical interactions between material and immaterial worlds. Performed in solitary or in front of and audience, these actions usually take place in public spaces, where possible encounter between the One/Unit and the Others can trigger new forms of energy and channel the Messages. With durational performances (sometime they last 4-6 hours), the artist gets close to a spiritual dimension, reaching a mental and corporal synergy and becoming one with the gowns worn, the props and the surroundings. 

           AGAPE (2015)

live performance art



                     DURATION : 35 MINUTES




Agape Gilda Marconi Sancisi live performance art


AGAPE      Live Performance Art      Mutonia Santarcangelo di Romagna      14/04/2015


Agape...on earth as it is in heaven...


The performance is set at the field of Mutonia, in Santarcangelo di Romagna.

Agape (Ancient Greek: ἀγάπη, agápē); the love of God for man and of man for God.

The video begins with the powerful and energetic sound of the blowtorch.

A big painted cow leather is standing on an iron loom. In the middle of it there is a hole, evoking the space designed to embrace the heart.

The two leather flaps are assembled side by side and are ready for the final sacrifice.

Throughout this performance, the artist wants to recreate, now with fire, the energy that bursts forth from the encounter of two entity, making this third sacred part exploitable for the audience.

In this meeting and this exchange of energy, Love I Agape manifests itself as a powerful and immense.

The high temperature of the fire makes the oil and the leather react chemically. The artwork begins to change, the leather stiffens and the colour penetrates the surface engaging. The stains change shape and crystallize, forming a material scars.

Can be seen as evocative the moment whereby the flame is activate in the center of the leather, with the irradiation toward the audience; 

after this moment the artist remains in listening and communication for a few minutes with the artwork. 


As final gesture, the artist shows herself to the audience, turning her back to the artwork that reshapes itself behind her, forming two big wings.

The audience remaining far from the performance range of action. Only when the performer leaves the scene, people start approaching the artwork still smoking.



Agape.... così in cielo così in terra....


La performance è stata realizzata al campo di Mutonia a Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna.

Agape dal greco ἀγάπη, agápē, viene utilizzato per indicare l'amor di Dio nei confronti dell'umanità.

Il video si apre con il suono potente ed energico della fiamma osssidrica  .

Una grossa pelle bovina dipinta a olio, si erge in verticale su un telaio di ferro, al centro un buco, evocatore dello spazio del cuore. 

I due lembi di pelle montati l’uno accanto all’altro sono pronti al sacrificio.

L’artista con questa performance vuole ricreare con il fuoco, l’energia che si crea dall’incontro tra due entità, rendendo fruibile agli occhi dello spettatore la terza parte sacra che si genera dall'incontro condiviso. Da questo scambio di energia, l’Amore, l ’Agape, si manifesta, potente, immensa e guaritrice.

L’alta temperatura del fuoco fa si che l’olio e la pelle reagiscano chimicamente, l’opera inizia a modificarsi, la pelle si irrigidisce e il colore penetra sulla superficie, le macchie si ridisegnano e si cristallizzano creando cicatrici materiche.

Evocatore il momento in cui dal centro della pelle si attiva la fiamma e si irradia verso il pubblico.

A questo punto l'artista rimane in ascolto e in comunicazione per alcuni minuti con l'opera.

Come gesto finale l’artista si mostra al pubblico, volgendo le spalle all’opera che si ridisegna dietro lei come due grandi ali. L'audience per tutta la performance rimane lontano dall' azione, solo quando la performer lascia la scena dal buoi del campo le persone si avvicinano all'opera ancora fumante.


Agape Gilda Marconi Sancisi live performance art
Agape Gilda Marconi Sancisi live performance art
Agape Gilda Marconi Sancisi live performance art
Agape Gilda Marconi Sancisi live performance art
Agape Gilda Marconi Sancisi live performance art
Gilda Marconi  Sancisi Hemera  Live performance art
Agape Gilda Marconi Sancisi live performance art
Agape Gilda Marconi Sancisi live performance art
Agape Gilda Marconi Sancisi live performance art
Agape Gilda Marconi Sancisi live performance art


Installation 157X160 cm 
Oil-painted leather treated with fire.



Agape Gilda Marconi Sancisi live performance art
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