The I.C.O.N drawings cycle examines possible forms of interaction between signs of the same image and images of the same series. Reacting like a fractal, each stroke inspires the next one, as in a climax where surface gradually encounters a conscious and structured decaying. 

In that way, image and sign survive even as individual form, but in constant need of each other, like real bodily figures. 

Each image, i.e. in series n.1, behaves in a double appearance. Once removing the drawing on fabric from its cardboard back support, the latter reveals its pictorial-sculptural aspect, which discloses sketches and body's footprints. 

Through contemplation of the silent, typical of a religious moment, the artist thus explores the tension of a ritual process strongly related to her performance practice, giving shape at the same time to what she defines "my contemporary icons". The entire series is made with pen and India ink on fabric and paper.







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